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What they are saying about Ray's Music

 Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful music with a free download! The flow of
the sounding waves touches me directly in the heart. I'm really very grateful and I can't wait to play the album while I'm working.
Warm sounding sparkling hug,
Angelique .

 Brother Boyd, Your light has always shined brightly giving your best in all your musical endeavors. You will always be on my favorites list of heart based music creators. Our many years of sharing music have all been wonderful. I HOPE to share many more exciting music projects with you. With Love and Many Blessings, Jeff Cozy



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Healing Music for your heart and soul


48 Years of Music from my Personal Journey

Music from the spiritual band HOPE in the early 70s to Native American flute and drums to Healing arts albums to futuristic prophecies fulfilled, these musical offerings will take you through an experiential journey through a unique spiritual time capsule.  

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Every track at my MP3 Music Store has a sample. Some tracks are offered as Free tracks.  So ENJOY!

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Music for Healing Touch, Meditation, Native American ceremonial, Sacred space, Soundtrack, Channeled and much more are represented.

Ejay G wrote

 "Dear Boyd, You put together a beautiful website. You continue to amaze me. I also love the new jacket for 7 Rays! Total power and light shine forth from it. You know how much I love all of your music. Blessings to you dear one. Ejay"

Christine Lemin wrote


"Hi Ray, I'm sitting here listening to the most amazing piece of music I've ever heard in my 65 years on this planet. In fact I've been listening all day, since it was down loaded earlier this morning. 

Christine Lemin"

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