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our new special offer with love from ray and anah Maa

The Transcendent Music, Meditations and Experientials by ~Ray~


World renown Musician, Sound Healer, Author, Hypnotherapist 

The Compassionate Voice of Anah Maa with Activations, Experientials and Meditations


World renown Author, Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Teacher 

Taking you deep within to a beautiful place of perfect peace, inner knowing and ultimate connection


You are already perfect within, your essence is that of Infiinity. We will assist you to Activate that powerful spirit being. 

Let the Journey begin as You Accelerate Your Ascension

 Actualizing the Master Within with Anah Maa

A 4 Part Series on MP3 to fully activate your greatest potential

  1. Removing the Barriers to being your Divine Self
  2. Returning Home to your Divine Self
  3. Awakening the Master Within
  4. Uniting with The Beloved



activating the master within 4 part series begins with:


Removing the Barriers to Being Your Divine Self: Allow yourself to receive the highest frequencies to delete, dissolve and transcend all the blocks that keep you from being in the Divine Flow of your Infinite Self.  In this Experiential, Anah Maa will take you through a process to demagnetize your subconscious mind and re-inform it of your Divine Destiny so that your subconscious mind creates for you the life you Desire. Transcendent Music by ~Ray~ will take you deep into your highest Consciousness and deep into your Divine Heart


Returning Home to Your Divine Self: It is nearly impossible to take your consciousness to the highest level of awareness when there are hidden aspects of yourself that are disconnected and unseen.   In this Activation, we are bringing all the disowned hidden aspects of you back home, back into Love, so that you can realize your highest Divine Expression. Welcoming all aspects of you into wholeness and well-being, you can receive the gifts, the energy, the wisdom that each experience, each Divine Aspect of you has to offer!  This is  a powerful journey into Wholeness!


Awakening the Master Within Within you is the Divine Self, the Infinite Master. As a Divine Expression of the Beloved Source, you already have everything within you waiting there to be uncovered, discovered, recognized and realized. Align your body, your mind and heart with Who you really are. Awaken the Master Within!  With Meditative Music by ~Ray~


Uniting With the Beloved Within the True Self is the Infinite, the Beloved, the Absolute.  Actualizing the Master within is the realization and acting upon that truth.  When we surrender all that we are into the pure Heart of God, life begins to make a magical turn! All that you ever hoped for, dreamed of, wished for, can become your now moment! Experience the presence of Beloved Source and align with the Master Within! Music by ~Ray~ is attuned to the Heart Chakra

Our special offer also includes 3 Deep theta meditations

Deep Theta Voice Guided Meditation by Ray


Kriya Yoga Master Roy E. Davis wrote "Go deep within your being and live from that awareness".  The intention of this Meditation is to introduce you to the peace and tranquility of going deep, deep into your own 

being where you will find deep connection with your true Self. Deep Theta Sounds Waves will assist as you transcend normal Beta brain waves, moving through Alpha and arriving at the deep Theta sound wave frequency at 7.8 Hz

Deep Theta Meditation with Minimal Voice Guidance


As a companion to Deep Theta Guided Meditation, this Meditation in Deep Theta has minimal voice guidance allowing you to go deep into the Theta Waves and to Meditate there for 15 minutes before bringing you back up to the "normal" Beta brain wave frequency. 

Deep Theta Meditation: In the Temple of OM


Mantra Meditation has been implemented for thousands of years to help you transcend the mind through focusing one sound/syllable.  Deep Theta Sound Waves accompany you 

as you chant and tone the great OM with us. 

Go deep into the sacred sanctuary of your heart and Soul. 


and the enlightening power of self love series

4 Part MP3 Series with Transformative Sound / Music with Anah Maa and Ray


This four part series with Anah Maa brings you directly into the experience of true love, both human love and Divine Love. For You are both and at the same time a deeply human experiential being and also the Divine Atma, the One who carries the life force and Essence of the Divine Creator. 

Each part in this series takes you deeper into your own reality of Love.

Anah Maa’s loving voice and sound will guide you each step of the way as your own transformation takes place through the undeniable discovery that You are pure LOVE.


Preparing the Way for Love

 In this first MP3 Anah Maa invites you to allow yourself to embrace your true Authentic Self. Through the transformative power of Self Love, you will be able to energetically release the painful experiences of your past, the hurt-filled memories and illusions that keep you from realizing and remembering your True state of Being as a Divine and Infinite Being. The gentle and compassionate voice of Anah Maa will encourage you as you open and prepare to meet Yourself, perhaps for the first time, as Pure Love.  


Giving and Receiving Love

 In this second MP3 Anah Maa encourages you to use the empowering energy of Love as vibrational medicine to give yourself the opportunity to go beyond your old patterns, your own thoughts, your own beliefs to what is possible, and to receive the flow of grace which is the liberating energy of your Divine Consciousness. All things are possible when you truly open the chambers of your heart to give and receive Love.  


Sacred Love

 In this third MP3 Anah Maa guides you on an inward journey to remember and reunite with the Infinite Love, the Sacred Love, the embodiment of Love that you truly are. Sacred Love means to love Yourself as God. As you open yourself to self love, you will realize that the Atma and the self are One, that the individual consciousness and Divine Consciousness are One.  It is here that you will begin to discover the true identity and depth of your Being as pure Bliss and Love.  


The Vibration of Sacred Love


In this fourth MP3  you will experience how to bring your humanity into your Divinity and your Divinity into your humanity erasing the illusion of separation between You and your Infinite Self. As this happens within you, blessings of miracles occur; joy, bliss, grace, brilliance, the illuminated mind and vibrant body can shine in this present moment.  Anah Maa will help you understand your own vibrational field and how every thought, every word, every action affects this vibrational field which goes out into the Universe into the very heart of God.

Preparation and Recommendations: Candles, incense, sacred sage, essential oils for anointing, creating sacred space, over the ear headphones. 

Intention: To fully regain the realization of your true and authentic God-Realized Self. 

For all of Anah Maa's wonderful 

Offerings visit her unique web site


the powerful experiential The 7 Affirmations of sacred love

Ray guides you each step of the way as you experience your own profound true Self as Sacred Love


This new offering includes both a 30 minute Meditation/Affirmation with Ray's soothing voice with Affirmations accompanied by transcendental Music and a 41 page PDF which gives you a full description of the meaning behind each Affirmation and how they will help you expand your Consciousness and open new portals of understanding and experiences for you.
The PDF also includes Chakra Charts and a Musical Chart tuned to 432 Hz

These powerful Affirmations will energize you as you start your new day and will give you peace as you retire each evening. Use them often to confirm the Truth regarding Who you are, What you are and Why you are here.

The 7 Affirmations of Sacred Love were especially created for all adherents to the Spiritual Path to help you gain wisdom and knowledge that will shine a bright Light to accelerate your desire and experiences toward Self-Realization and Enlightenment. 

A beautiful gift from Anah Maa save $250 personal session


Experience the love, the compassion and true wisdom of Anah Maa as

she takes you by your spiritual hand as you discover your own

sacredness, your gifts, your power, your true nature as a Divine Being.

Anah Maa will help you find the answers within to what will bring you pure joy, love and happiness

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To view the wonderful testimonies from those who have had life changing experiences with Anah Maa, visit her web page at:  https://anahmaa.com/testimonials 

Bonus: receive $60 off your own uniquely recorded soul song


Ray will record your own beautiful and unique Soul Song at Hope Universal Recording Studio

There is nothing in this world so beautiful as the Music of your own Magnificent Soul.

Ray recorded 910 Soul Songs since 1999. Your Music will guide you to your True Self as a Divine Soul

To meet some of our wonderful Soul Song Family through their own experiences with their Soul Song Music, visit our Soul Song page at:  https://divineloveproductions.com/your-wonderful-soul-song 

During a five day process at HOPE Studio, Ray connects with your Soul through Meditation

Then he records your magnificent Soul Song connecting you to the Beloved Source and your Higher Self

Your Music will be sent to you my both MP3 and Music WAV.file

Ray will connect with you by Email after you enroll in this Special Offer Package

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Actualizing the Master Within 4 MP3s with Anah Maa


3 Deep Theta Meditation MP3s with Ray


The Power of Self Love 4 MP3s with Anah Maa


12 MP3s plus $310 in bonus discounts: total value $610

7 Affirmations of Sacred Love Experiential with Ray on MP3


$250 Gift toward a Personal Session with Anah Maa


$60 off your wonderful Soul Song with Ray recorded at Hope Studio during a 5 day session


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