21 Day Course in transcendent meditation

5 MP3s for Meditation Guidance Techniques along with a complete Study Guide and 21 Day Course Guide

Meditate with the masters


12 Meditation Techniques from the East and West including the new Ascension Energy Meditation

A Complete 44 Page Study Guide for Meditation with all course materials downloadable

A Daily Guide to 21 Days of Meditating

5 MP3s with Introduction to the Course plus 3 Special New Meditation Techniques

Receive your Certificate of Completion after 21 Days

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Personal mentoring assistance from Ray, Meditator since 1968, Kriya Yoga Meditation Instructor

Learn to meditate or elevate your meditation practice

Welcome to our 21 Day Course in Transcendent Meditation

Meditation is a bridge to higher and deeper levels of Consciousness. The goal of this 21 Day Course is to help you clear all obstacles and distractions, both physical, mental and emotional, so that Meditation flows easily for you. 

The 12 Meditation Techniques included are designed to help you energize your body and mind while focusing your awareness at the Spiritual Eye and Crown Chakra.  The techniques of the breath will help you to relax and to move your mental activity out of normal Beta brain waves into a deeply relaxed but alert state in lower Alpha and Theta brain wave experience.

The  Study Guide and MP3s are designed to outline particular Meditations Techniques so practicing becomes easy for you to understand and experience.  The Course documents are downloadable and printable as well. 

What you can expect from this Course and Meditation benefits include: 

  •  Stress is reduced and more easily managed 
  •  The body's immune system is strengthened
  •  Biologic aging processes are slowed 
  •  Your nervous system is refined
  •  Your brain capacities to accommodate refined states of consciousness are enlarged
  •  Emotional calmness and stability can more easily prevail
  •  Unwanted habits, addictive tendencies, and troublesome subconscious influences are more easily resisted, weakened and overcome 
  • Your intuitive powers are greatly heightened
  •  Realization of our essence of being, our true nature and of higher realities is easier to have and maintain 
  • Innate Self-knowledge and knowledge of ultimate Reality emerges 
  • Awakening to degrees of cosmic consciousness and spiritual enlightenment can effortlessly occur.  


What the 21 Day meditation Course includes

Table of Contents for Meditation Course

21 Day Meditation Course Guide outlining Meditation guidance for each day
21 Day Meditation Study Guide describing the Meditation Course and how each Meditation Technique is used.  

 Introduction: The Intention and benefits of this 21 Day Course for Meditation

Assumption 1: There is a Supreme Absolute Reality Assumption

2: You are a pure essence, the infinite Soul Self  

 Part I : “In the beginning” was DISTRACTIONS! 

A Psychology for Meditation Practice 1. Doubt 2. Devotion ( the lack thereof) 3. Discipline ( and the lack thereof)

 Part II: The Solution:  3 Capital Ds  1) Desire 2) Decision 3) Discovery


Part III: Preparation for Meditation   1) Preparing your Sacred Space for Meditation

 2) Sitting 3) Closing your eyes 4) Acknowledging the One Absolute Reality 5)Acknowledging Your Self   6) Acknowledging Your Spiritual Tradition

 Part IV:Stages of Meditation 

 1) Beginning 2) Turning your Attention Inward 3) Concentration 4) Meditation Simply Defined 5) Primary Experiences

Part V: Meditation Techniques

 1) Life Force Arousal Technique ( Energy Arousal Technique) 2) Relaxation Meditation Technique 3) Devotional Meditation Technique 4) Mantra Meditation Techniques ( Hong Sau)  (So Hum) 5) Alternative:  Using “So Ham”  pronounced “ So Hum” meaning “Pure Consciousness-I AM” 6) OM Mantra Technique 7) Ascension Breath Energy Technique 8) Ascension Breath Meditation Technique 9) Using the Ascension Breath Meditation while Chanting the OM-SOL Mantra out loud with MP3 Music 10) Inner Light Meditation Technique 11) Optional: Using OM Mantra with Inner Light Technique 12) Intuition Meditation (without Mantra) 


Addendum #1 Introductory Script and MP3   

Addendum #2 The Three Worlds of Consciousness   

Addendum # 3 Intuition   

Addendum # 4 Kriya Yoga: It's meaning and tradition 

Addendum # 5 Source Awareness Meditation  with MP3 

Addendum #6  Ascension Energy Breath Healing Technique  

 Glossary of Meditation and spiritual life terms

About Meditation with Ray    


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Certificate of completion

You will receive your own personalized Certificate of Completion after the 21 st day


You will receive everything in our 21 Day Course in Transcendent Meditation as described above. 

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Ray Sibley

Ray has been a Meditator since 1969, Initiate of Transcendental Meditation, Initiate of Kriya Yoga Meditation, 2004, Personally mentored and blessed to teach and initiate others by Master Roy E. Davis, 2016, who is a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.

Ray is the owner of Hope Universal Recording Studio. He is the founder of The Deep Theta Method for Meditation, founder of The Healer Method. He has produced CDs and MP3s for the Healing Arts since 1999 along with recording over 900 Soul Songs. He has created Meditation Music for other Healers, Hynotherapists and Energy Practitioners

Ray holds a B.A. Degree plus Masters  Study in Theology and Metaphysics and has authored the book, "Memoirs from India, three months at the Ashram of Satya Sai Baba"


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