Deep Theta Ascension Breath Technique and Meditation


 This powerful Meditation technique will help you keep your focus and energize your life force as you practice it daily.   
 Source energy flows in through the Medulla Oblongata located at the base of the brain stem and circulates throughout the body by way of the Chakras and Meridians.   Reserve energy is stored at the base of the spine. This Kundalini energy may lie dormant or through the spiritual traveler's attention to Meditation and the devotional path, may awaken and begin to rise up through the Chakras energizing and illuminating each Chakra and the mind.   
 The Ascension Breath is similar to the Pranayama Breath as used in Kriya Yoga Meditation.   

The Ascension Energy Breath Technique is practiced each time before beginning the Ascension Energy Breath  Meditation. Deep Theta Sounds waves will accompany you during this Meditation  helping you to maintain your focus at the Spiritual Eye as you

practice both the Ascension Energy Breath along with chanting the Mantras OM/Sol. 

The amazing benefits are many as you bring your Meditation to the Center of Consciousness. The Ascension Breath Meditation allows you to chant each part of the Mantra OM-SOL during each EXHALATION of the breath. OM is the evidential reality of the Supreme Absolute Consciousness, Source, Sol is the individualized field, the "I AM", the pure Essence of Source that is manifested as Souls. Like the rays of the sun, we are of the same essence as the beloved Source.  

In this Meditation offering you will receive both the Ascension Energy Breath Technique and the Ascension Energy Breath Meditation on MP3.  I will include a Scripted PDF as well as your reference guide. 

 The Deep Theta Sound waves will hold the frequency at 7.8 Hz giving you a rich experience in Meditation.  

Join us and experience as you accelerate your ascension. Divine Blessings.. ~Ray~

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This magnificent Meditation is also part of our 21 Day Course in Transcendent Meditation which you may view at this page of our site: 

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