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The most beautiful Music of all is YOU!

 There is nothing in this world compared to the Music of your own
wonderful Soul.
Your Soul Song will inspire you, connecting you with Who You really are
as a magnificent Infinite Being.   

Since 1999 over 900 Soul Songs have been recorded by ~Ray~ world wide. 

Uniquely created and recorded for You!

  • Use your Soul Song for: deep Meditation, 
  • Transformation
  • Self Healing for your body and energy
  • increasing your Frequency, 
  • finding inner knowledge, peace and comfort 
  • become more Intuitive and discover your own special gifts
  • acknowledging You as totally unique 
  • bringing forth your Infinite qualities
  • And knowing that You are deeply loved and connected to your Divine Source.
  • Soul Songs are recorded remotely at HOPE Universal Recording Studio so you can be anywhere on the planet and receive your beautiful Soul Song emailed  directly to you to download. 

What is the Soul Song Process?

 After you sign in through the Pay Pal button below to order your
Soul Song, I will connect with you by email to confirm your
payment. We can then select a starting date for your Soul Song.
The process for your Soul Song  will include : Meditation, ceremony, recording, editing, mastering to a CD quality Music file and mp3 file for you 

My Service to the world

Your wonderful Soul Song  is 30 + minutes, usually a 4-5 day process with over 30-35 hours of studio time at HOPE Universal Recording Studio. 

The normal recording fee of $40/Hr is greatly reduced so that many may have the opportunity to receive their own wonderful Soul Song. 

Normal studio projects of this length for a finished CD or Music file would be over $1,000 but your Soul Song carries a  large discount as part of my world service.

Listen to a short 4 minute sample of a Soul Song

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Soul Song Sample 3:56

This beautiful Soul Song is 32 minutes of which you may experience the first 3:56. Use headphones to enjoy the best audio experience with all the intricacies and melodies and instruments represented. 

You may also listen to a 3 minute Soul Song sample on our Home Page


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soul song family experiences

Carla Ferreri, USA, July 19th, 2019


I purchase spiritual products and listen to them for awhile and then move on. I am most impressed with Ray Sibley's offerings. I had my very own Soul Song individually created by him in his studio. It is one of the most fabulous gifts I have ever received. I sometimes go to bed quite overwhelmed with the requirements of taking care of other important people in my life while trying to take care of myself physically with my Epstein Barr and maintain my spiritual fitness as well. When I loop my Soul Song on at night while I sleep I wake up refreshed and calm and positive about the day ahead of me. Things just seem to work out when I do the right things for myself.

I am listening to the track " In the temple of OM" as I write this. Not only does it put me in a calm productive state but I live in a very noisy household and it drowns out the sound of the dryer nearby right now. 😊 

The 7 Affirmations of I AM Sacred Love is a fabulous way to start my day. The Deep Theta meditation Companion is marvelous for meditation time and falling asleep.

Ray's offerings have meet my needs and assisted in my nurturing myself for months while continuing to be fresh. I have recently added Soul Consciousness and Creating the Sacred Circle, which is a quite advanced meditation for me and also quite enjoyable. I continue to integrate his work into my daily life and am very grateful for.


Your Wonderful Soul Song

Sylvia Foster, Australia, on April 15, 2018 wrote:


I have never heard a song that is so beautiful, I listened again last night,the flute painting a picture of my souls journey.

There is much native influence and a great knowing in my heart and soul of this love for all nature.

The melodies of the guitar and flute lifted me up to amazing heights, I felt like I was carried and so deeply loved.

 A journey to exotic Egyptian lands, my heart was over flowing, through my tears, I heard the wind calling me, oh to walk in a field of wild flowers,the freedom of my soul, so much more to discover.

I am so deeply gratful.

 Thank you, thank you much love to you Ray for this beautiful journey....Sylvia


Soul Song Family Experiences

Yvonne Li from Hong Kong, China wrote:

 I am delighted to have received my soul song from Ray. It is beautiful, enchanting, gentle and uplifting to hear the music of my soul as an intricate tapestry of instruments, melodies, tones and beats. As I listened to my soul song, I experienced peace and deep reverence to the part of me that is divine. The different parts of the song in itself tells a story, which I intuit as my journey in the Now towards beloved Source. Thank you Ray for sharing your gift with the world, enabling so many to have intimate connection to their Soul through the resonance of their song." ~ Yvonne Li  


Soul Song Family Experiences

Diana Dentinger, January 11th, 2018 wrote:

 "They say a picture paints a thousands words... so what about a song? I had the amazing experience to get my Soul Song done by Ray and it is so hard to put into words the beauty and intensity of listening to "me" in song form. I am a "personality expert" and intuitive "scientist" and I know myself very well on all "dimensions". How he captured every facet of who I am in the core and beyond is something that goes beyond my ability to express in words. And the intricacy of the layers of instruments. I listen to it (and dance to it as my morning ritual) at least 5 times a day. It heightens my concentration and focus. Since having my soul song, my body has "detoxed" and I feel drawn to an even purer diet. As well as I have an inner peace that I have never experienced before. I am so grateful to Ray for being the channel for my soul song. Everyone needs to treat themselves to this. It changes your life. We are only energy - sound and light. His work brings pure sound into you so you remember you greatness and can shine beyond what you felt possible Thank you Ray!" 


Soul Song Family Experiences

Alli Dixon, January, 2018

 I am so very humbled, honored and privileged to receive the most awesome 
gift of a lifetime ever. Having had a journey healing from cancer this 
gift from my beautiful friends Avril, Ally and Graham meant so much. The 
love in which it came and the healing sent from their hearts has been 
The soul Song created for me by Ray is just incredible, I listen to it 
every given chance and find it is having such amazing tones throughout 
my body. Many tears of healing have flowed and much joy in every sound 
vibrates throughout my whole entire being. This is an experience I would 
recommend to all wishing to enhance the greatest opportunities your soul 
can manifest.
I am truly grateful for the efforts of my beautiful friends and the 
wonderful gift Ray has to create this Specific soul music for me. It so 
resonates with me and felt it belonged to my being, incredible.
This will be my greatest treasure playing through my space.
Thank you all beautiful souls. Love you all. xxx" 


Soul Song Family Experiences

Christine Lemin, November 9, 2017 wrote:

 Hi Ray, I'm sitting here listening to the most amazing piece of music I've ever heard in my 65 years on this planet. In fact I've been listening all day, since it was down loaded earlier this morning. 
I have it on two discs, my phone, my tablet plus a USB stick so I have covered all my bases lol.
I'm so excited to be able to play it whilst driving as I do not listen to the radio -too much dark news for my liking. Now I will not be driving, I'll be flying as I soak up the amazing vibes that float in and all around me as I drive. My very own flying sanctuary. 
The song is one of the most precious things anyone has done for me and you have been so gracious. Your humility is one of peacefulness, calmness and love and I feel these things when I'm listening to my song.
It's now 7pm here and I've had it playing all day whilst I organise my next mini art exhibition which begins December 1st.
Thank you sooo much. Can you feel the virtual hugs I am sending you through the air waves?
Love and gratitude


Soul Song Family Experiences

Susan V, September 25, 2017 wrote:


"My Soul Song feels layered.  It's full of messages to me from me.  I'm grateful for Boyd ~Ray~ being the conduit, the channel which supports my soul to speak to me.  I instinctively understand my own messages, on more levels than words can explain.

My Soul Song continues to change.  It's fascinating.  As I listen, my emotional responses change to different parts of the music.  As I understand the message within my emotional response and change it to an action the way I listen to the music changes. My emotional responses change and I don't react to that part anymore.  I react to the next bit.  My Soul Song is almost like an instruction manual..... for change.

Through listening to my Soul Song I've encountered my glorious self, patterns and my amazing journey through lifetimes. I have heard the difficulties/ spiritual battles, the peace, the dancing, the deeper call to be me, the night sky, universal love and of course my beloved the animal spirits plus more!.  Through it all my deep strength and resilience to do what has to be done, no matter what cost...... Always.

My Soul Song is like coming home to myself on a larger scale.  I feel so big, with so much richness.

I'm left feeling deeply honoured to be here this lifetime, with deep gratitude to myself for everything I've done to bring me to where I am now.

Thank you ~Ray~ for hearing my instruction manual/road map and giving me a snapshot of my Soul's Journey.  It's a brilliant tool to add to my toolkit as another way consciousness can be kept open and explored."


Susan V. Queensland, Australia


Soul Song Family Experiences

Dannielle Baker, July 30, 2017 wrote:


30 July 2017

Dear  Ray,

My heart is full of gratitude for the wonderful gift of my soul song. Upon my first opportunity to listen to it, I found that I did not ever want it to end. Once I completed it the first time, I started it and listened to it through a second time. There is so much joy in the music, so much love. It is warming to my heart and brought a beautiful smile to my face as I lay silently and immersed myself in the musical journey.

I appreciate you taking the time to also provide me with insight into what you explored and discovered when connecting with my soul. Reading your wisdom in itself was an enlightening experience. It really feels to me that this song is providing for me the scaffold for a new, heart centred me.

It is now a daily activity for me to listen to my Soul Song. Sometimes I really believe that my Soul Song morphs and emphasises what I need to hear at that time. Different aspects and tones are highlighted to me as I need to resonate with them. My Song always connects me with my heart centre and allows me to easily glide home to a place where love and light are always full.

My gratitude to you for this divine gift from my Soul to me is deep and everlasting.

Thank you

Dannielle Baker



Soul Song Family Experiences

Judy Acton Ayala, 4/12/2918 wrote:


Hello Ray ~

       Thank You Sooo Much for my Beautiful Soul Song! I don't know how you did that, but I'm glad you did! To begin with, I believe it had a healing effect on me emotionally and energetically. The first time I listened it seemed to fix the broken heart I was temporarily enduring. Physically, I found myself returning to my nature walk the next morning, which I've been longing to get back to doing for several months but my health issues got in the way. 
I really do have to give my Soul Song most of the credit for this!

     I love that you saw the color blue, as it is my favorite color. I take it very seriously, the "Let your words ring out in Truth" and "Follow the passion of your Heart." Will do, Ray! Will do! Those are exactly what I'm working on! I will continue to pay close attention to the different sections of the Song and their meanings.

     I loved all the instruments, but my favorites were the ocean waves  ​ or wind​
 sounds, guitar,  ​Indigenous Peoples flute, your voice of OMs, the flute and drums, and the Eastern influence. Not to mention the trumpet. The guitar then the trumpet have significant personal romantic meaning to me. I feel a strong affinity to Native Americans and truly resonate with  their flute​
  I'm blown-away by the rendition of "Imagine" and that particular line from his song; I was wearing my new John Lennon t-shirt with those exact words on it when I meditated about my Soul Song!!

    I will treasure and cherish my personal Soul Song all the rest of my days, and I know it will continue to Bless me and my life, Judy


Soul Song Family Experiences

3/01/2017 Matthew wrote:

 Dear Ray
 I have taken significant time to compile this testimonial for you, with good reason. Such was the weight I felt from within your piece, even from the first minute which left me weeping, the depth it reached was worthy of something far beyond a dismissive or shallow summary. Accurate perception required dust to settle in still reform. Yet even now, the wheels of transformation continue to turn closer to the goal of its full intent. It has been almost a month since receiving my incredible Soul Song and some of the dust is settling from the immersive and transformative substance of your production. To say it effected me profoundly is like attempting to examine and define the beauty of creation within a coastline. Each shell. Each individual grain of sand. So priceless and unique within its individual form. Such was the assisted discovery of the facets of my spirit within myself, I pieced these fragments together, gathering the the sum of its parts within its overall geometric form observed as the coastline itself. My spirit, within a vessel and beyond. At the shores I met the ocean of my Soul Song. On that shoreline we collided in ancient re-birth of stories untold within this fabric of existence. A course set from countless millennia ago, waiting to be set in motion. Soul ignition. Set ablaze with the fires of discovery and fostered through the oxygen of remembrance. The resonance felt within the ambience triggered many aspects of the fortitude of my soul, honing my intuition deeper into my own truth and the path that lay before me. Presented with the knowledge you bestowed upon me like a baton change, I began to run. I ran toward my seed of truth, which has been nothing short of surgical in its root manifestation. The sapling grows, fueled by the nutrients of truth, powered by greater purpose, growing ever yet from this light you have shown me of myself. It is with enormous gratitude that I offer this humble text as tribute, Ray, for this immense and empowering gift of knowledge and truth. May you continue to dowse the mind of man with harmonic soul fire, setting their hearts ablaze with truth, passion, love and light.

Your Kindred Brother, Matthew, Australia 


Soul Song Family Experiences

March 20th, 2017, Avril wrote:


My Soul Song is THE most wonderful gift I have ever bestowed upon my Self. It is a rare occasion to find something so very special and precious. A wonderful gift for anyone whom you love. After meditating with my Soul Ray came back with Courageous and Heroic Very moving......
The very first time I heard my Soul Song I cried. It was so beautiful and it was all mine. It makes me see and feel that I AM beautiful.
Every time I listen to it evokes in me pure elation, expansion and lightness of spirit.
I become an integral part of nature on a beautiful warm and sunny day. I am at One with All That Is.
I AM a flower raising its head skywards....
I AM a butterfly softly moving from flower to flower....
I AM floating on air.....
I AM the air...
My heart and Soul dance with the fairies and nature spirits.
The experience deepens becoming ever more powerful as the notes play on ....the sun sets and day light fades....the stars now light the deep dark heavens.
The moon is rising....
I AM bathing in her luminescent radiance
Divine Love pours forth from my heart
It is intense, hauntingly beautiful and powerful beyond measure
The Angels are present and the sultry night air is heavy with the perfumes of the night
I AM powerful
I AM omnipresent and without limits
I AM Love

With Love and Much Gratitude to you Ray

Avril R. Scotland


Soul Song Family Experiences

January 14th, 2017 Anna Evans wrote:

 Dear Boyd - Ray our guiding Light of Love,

My testimony is in essence the words that I immediately sent to Ray after hearing my Soul Song. I have shared these messages with you so that one may have an understanding of what the truth ffles like when our heart is connected and aligned with our very own soul frequency through music. And the beautiful transformations that can occur from listening to it.

  • I actually cried within the first 1 min as I heard the following words. .."you heard my soul speak" as simple as these words are. .. They are profound ♡ Gratitude     xxx
  • "I'm sitting here feeling very odd lol.. such an intense soul song even knowing this is my own one. Wow. . The feeling is being centered and     very grounded. . I'm actually at a loss for words to describe the intensity within me. 
  • In fact I'm positive that the song is actually changing. .. I've listened every day except today. . Lol. . Wondered what was missing. I'm loving the wonderful impact this is having on my life. .. my healing abilities have also improved greatly. . So thank you. Bless Anna ♡  
  • With my Intuitive Energy Healing work, I have noticed an immense depth of feeling the vibrations of energy flowing within myself and my client's even more, it's beautiful to sense this so much more than I already felt it. The impact it is having on my client's is more immediate too. So thank you again. I have so much gratitude for this moment.

Love and Gratitude,Anna E, New Zealand xx 


Soul Song Family Experiences

Amy St. Mikael wrote:



"I find a comfort when I listen to it. It reconnects me and feels like

home when I listen to it. I would recommend your Soul Song to everyone. To me it is

profound and healing. Seems that everyone has incredible visions and experiences.

Each gets a gift of just what they need. I remember in the recording studio at the end a

large ball of golden light shining down on me and showering me in light and love.

It brought tears to me. Such a heart opening. All is love.

David Chandler wrote:


 Hi Ray,

 Enjoying my Soulsong.. heard it first on my vibroacoustic recliner last night.

 Watched as my mind critiqued and listened with my Third Ear as my heart opened.

 I was surely elevated after the first listen, so surely your musical channeling is bringing IT through. I thank you for that.

LOVE what you do and Who you are.

Many thanks,

Robin Bretherton wrote:


 My gifted Soul Song is musical magic. As soon as it starts it opens my heart and my soul transcends.
I feel like I am finally home, a place of true love and peace. My 'princess' within is longing to reveal herself to the world, and the melodies and harmonies within my Song have awoken her.
Love and blessings to you Ray, for helping me to unleash my potential and help raise my vibrations further than ever before.
♡♡♡ xx
Robin B, Australia

Henry (Bro Dragon) Morita wrote:



Being a typical, analytical Virgo, I entered Boyd's recording studio that day in the beautiful surrounds of Sedona
to have my Soul Song channeled and recorded, with a somewhat open mind. My, what a sensual, spiritual, uplifting
experience ensued during the session! As I sat there listening to the Soul Song being composed and recorded by
Bro Boyd, I began to feel myself totally soaring into the cosmos, literally experiencing an out of body, truly spiritual
experience! To bring me back little by little, Boyd had to have me place my feet on huge piece of obsidian.
It took awhile for me to come back to earth again. In so many ways, I wanted to continue to savor that beautiful
"nothingness" where the worries and concerns had no place. The beautiful light energy, love and peace that I felt
were being taken in by my soul in huge amounts, telling me how much my soul was needing to be nourished.

So it was truly MY Soul Song. Time and again, I play it to remind me that I (and each of you) are part of the greater
cosmos where love, compassion, peace and harmony exists whenever I open my heart to receive them. 

Tracey wrote:



My soul song is wonderful.

First, I feel a real huge heart opening occur every time I listen to it, especially right from thebeginning when there is this emergence from a great cosmic sea!
You mentioned it is in the key of E (solar plexus power center) isn't it interesting
that my harp is in the key of E as well!
I absolutely love when the choir of angelic hosts join in and this takes me immediately to a
church in Carcasonne France that I visited many years ago.
When I was in this old church, I could sense these voices singing.  I will continue to enjoy it and receive it's messages.
You are a gifted musician and divinely blessed. This soul song is heart warming and inspiring,I will forever treasure this,
With love and gratitude,Tracey T. Michigan 

Carolyn Vinup wrote:



"The Soul Song is a personal experience. When you take the time to create your song

it sends a message to yourself that says 'I matter, I count and I am important'. Ultimately what you are doing is honoring the inner you. Boyd takes you on a journey by opening sacred space with the crystal singing bowls and creating music that will make your spirit sing. It truly touches your heart. Since the music is at your own vibrational frequency it helps to balance, heal, open and clear life patterns and experiences. Our entire family as well as our extended family have had the enlightening experience of having our own Soul Songs created. We listen to the songs in times of celebration, in times of transition, in times of sorrow and in times of contemplation. They are perfect for any life experience."
Carolyn V. Minneapolis, MN 

Please note

Hello Friends, please note that once the Soul Song process begins, I do not offer refunds. This process begins on the date and time that we select together as the starting date. I block 5 days of studio time for your unique soul song. Thank you. If you have any questions please ask them and use the Contact Page.  Many blessings..  ~Ray~