in the temple of OM: toning in deep theta

The Sound of OM represents the evidential source from which it came.

East meets west in the temple of the universal OM

45 Minute MP3 of toning the great OM as deep Alpha and Theta sound waves create synchronicity within


As you feel enveloped by the nurturing deep Theta sound waves, the process of entrainment occurs as your own brain waves begin to transcend from Beta to Alpha to Theta along with the Music. 

The toning of the great OM brings deep peace and your own brain waves descend along with the Music from the regular waking brain waves of Beta to the deep tranquil brain waves of Theta at 7.8 Hz, cycles per second.

Benefits in deep Theta Meditation at 7.8 Hz as your breath and heart rate slow with the Sound Waves


  • Intuition is greatly heightened
  • Your sense of Self is realized
  • Your connection to Source is established resulting in a deeper meaning for your life.
  • Good health radiates as stress is reduced 
  • Bliss and happiness are a direct experience

The gift of OM as the Universal Mantra. The gift of OM is for all , it is not a religion but a Sound


The sound vibration of OM represents the source from which it came. It has been theorized that the "sound" of the planets, the sun and the galaxy is OM.

It carries the power of creation as the first vibration from Source created the Universe and all Life. 

The Schumann Resonance at 7.83 Hz


The Schumann Resonance is the measured electromagnetic sound vibration between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.  This vibration is at 7.83 Hz, cycles per second,  the same deep Theta sound waves that were created for this Meditation into the Temple of OM. 

As you become more connected within to this deep Theta frequency, you will discover that all of nature corresponds to this frequency as well. The plant kingdom and animal kingdom are highly attuned to this frequency. 

Finding Peace Within


As you practice toning with the OM Mantra especially while in deep Theta, your brain waves will also begin to match this frequency. You will be creating new pathways in the spiritual centers of your brain. This in turn will create new memories of your "experience". As you continue to practice, you will soon discover that you will not need the Music/Sound Waves to help you transcend into Theta. You will

hear the frequency and mantra within  and be able to go to that peaceful and blissful place each time you Meditate.  

In The Temple Of OM


As you continue to Meditate, the sacredness of all Life becomes more meaningful.  You will feel the great OM Vibration wherever you go, wherever you are... whether walking on the Earth in nature, by the ocean or among the flowers and animals.  You will feel more attuned with your own Infinite Spirit as you connect and unite with the Absolute  benevolent Source.  In the Temple of OM is your Kingdom of God within you where you will find deep peace, true happiness, fulfillment and bliss. 

In The Temple of OM 10 Min. sample of 45 minute Meditation

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How to meditate in the temple of OM


Preparation:You will be focusing your attention on the OM Mantra in your Spiritual Eye

Try this Meditation with the 10 minute Sample above

Cleanse your room from outside energies with Sage, light a candle, burn incense, set your intention

In Deep Theta Meditation 1) allow your mind to follow the music 2) slow the breath 3) slow the heart

Put on over the ear headphones or use large stereo speakers to experience deep Theta Sound Waves

Sit up straight but in a comfortable chair and click on the Play Arrow

Chant the OM Mantra or feel the sound of the Mantra in your spiritual eye between your eyebrows. 

Picture a column connecting from your lower spine to the top of your crown. 

As you inhale, pull the air up from the base of your spine through each energy center starting with the Root Chakra at the base of your spine, then through the Sacral, Lower Lumbar (adjacent the Solar) Dorsal (Heart), Cervical (Throat), Spiritual Eye (Third Eye) and Crown.  Hold the energy for a moment in your Crown. 

Do this several times as your breathing slows and your heart rate slows. 

Allow your mind to continual to follow the music as it descends down from 17.5 Hz to Deep Theta at 7.8 Hz.  You will be in Deep Theta at the 8:15 minute mark.

Now begin to focus all the energy on your spiritual eye as you chant the OM Mantra or listen to the OM Mantra.  Either way will be beneficial. 

This is a 10 minute Sample of the 45 minute Deep Theta: In the Temple of OM Meditation

To receive more instructions to Meditating in Deep Theta Sound Waves, order our Guided Meditation:  Deep Theta Meditation MP3 which includes a free companion Meditation with minimal voice guidance and longer Meditation time in Deep Theta. 

Deep Theta Meditation MP3

From Those who experienced Deep Theta: in the temple of Om

Madonna's Experience

 “Each time I listen to “In the Temple of Om” I experience something unique – from gentle movement of energy/colors, to the awareness of my entire body tingling, energizing, and relaxing all at the same time.  This session is, as all of Ray’s creations continue to be, an experience of remembering my deepest Soul-Self…  a beautiful, high vibe experience that expands my consciousness every time. Thank you Ray, for tuning in and sharing what you receive, because these Deep Theta experiences are absolutely transformative, enlightening, and simply amazing!” 

Madonna Kettler, PHD,  is an award winning Master Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Trainer, Live-Between-Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist, author, visionary, motivational speaker, spiritual leader, intuitive, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, and holistic instructor . View her web site for personal sessions at:


The making of "in the temple of OM"


Recorded at HOPE Universal Recording Studio by ~Ray~ My intention was to create a Meditation

Chant that would begin in the lower frequencies of Beta at 17.32 Hz which is a very low C# note

If we were to go a couple octaves higher we would arrive at the C# note that is the universal

tuning of the Sitar drone. Tibetan Monks also chant the OM Mantra on the C# note in their sanctuary.

After the opening Temple Bells and OMs we begin the descent from low Beta Sound Waves through Alpha

The Music descends in precise increments from Beta at 17.32 Hz   through Alpha 13.75 Hz to  8.175 Hz and enters Theta Sound Waves at 7.8 Hx.  

Since low frequencies at 7.8 are more felt as a low rumble than heard as sound or music, I needed to create an overtone frequency of harmonics that would be ultra low in frequency but still musical to the ear.  I  was able to do this using the frequency oscillators and several combined algorithms from one of my virtual analog synthesizers.  

At this low subsonic frequency the Musical tones are in close proximity to the Schumann Resonance which has a electromagnetic frequency of 7.83 Hz.  

I felt it was important to keep these two resonating frequencies aligned since the benefits of Meditating in deep Theta as it aligns with the Schumann Resonance creates a most peaceful and tranquil state of consciousness. The consciousness of nature such as the plant and animal kingdom are affected by this frequency. So as we practice toning the OMs in deep Theta we come into more alignment with not only Ourselves but all of Nature as well. 

Arriving in deep Theta we begin chanting the OM mantra. I planned for at least 15 minutes

of residing in the deep Theta frequency while chanting the OM Mantra.  It is my intention to help you create an experience that will in turn create new pathways of memory and emotions in your brain wave patterns that you may recall in the future.  In this way you can begin experiencing the benefits of deep Theta without having to play the Music soundtrack to assist you there. 

In deep Theta we are chanting the OMs 53 times. You will be fully saturated in deep Theta waves and at this juncture it is time to ascend the frequency latter back through Alpha and arrive once again at lower Beta at 17.32 Hz. 

As we reached this frequency I have incorporated more Music that will accompany the OM chant.  Udu Pot Drums, Sitar Drone, airy flutes and other percussion join in as we tone the OM Mantra during the final 10 minutes. 

In all we are chanting the OM Mantra 98 times.  

Each time we chant the OM, we should do it with the feeling and emotion of aligning our true Self with the Absolute Divinity both within us and all around us. 

The beloved Source is Om-nipotent, Om- niscient and Om-nipresent.  You are infinitely connected and by chanting the OM brings that reality into your present state of awareness. 

After you have experienced In The Temple of OM MP3, it would be appropriate to sit in silence for awhile and to contemplate the Absolute Reality from which the OM originated.  

You are an Infinite Soul with the pure Essence of Source. You are always and will always be connected to Source Energy. 

I wish you well on your incredible Soul journey and if I should cross paths with you, it will surely be "In the Temple of OM"  ...  divine blessings...... ~Ray~ 

In the temple of OM sample

This higher quality MP3 sample represent the first 10 minutes of our 45 minute MP3: In The Temple of OM.   From the opening Tibetan Bell and OMs the Music will take you from Beta sound waves at 17.32Hz   through Alpha and into deep Theta at 7.8 Hz where we will begin our chanting of the great OM.  Enjoy   Headphones are highly recommended to experience the Deep Theta Sound Waves