7 Affirmations of Sacred Love

Offered as an MP3 and includes full PDF Guide

This new offering includes both a 30 minute Meditation/Affirmation with Ray's soothing voice with Affirmations accompanied by transcendental Music and a 41 page PDF which gives you a full description of the meaning behind each Affirmation and how they will help you expand your Consciousness and open new portals of understanding and experiences for you.
The PDF also includes Chakra Charts and a Musical Chart tuned to 432 Hz

These powerful Affirmations will energize you as you start your new day and will give you peace as you retire each evening. Use them often to confirm the Truth regarding Who you are, What you are and Why you are here.

The 7 Affirmations of Sacred Love were especially created for all adherents to the Spiritual Path to help you gain wisdom and knowledge that will shine a bright Light to accelerate your desire and experiences toward Self-Realization and Enlightenment. 


7 Affirmations of Sacred Love

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From those who experienced the 7 Affirmations of Sacred Love

 May 9th, 2018

Judy Acton Ayala wrote:


I've been listening to your 7 Affirmations gift the past few days. It is a very Sacred Experience. Wow, I'm so grateful to be meditating more than I ever have before. Your pieces really make a difference in my life; and I Thank You so sincerely! My love to you and Anah Maa.

xo Judy

July 20,2017

Dearest Ray,

Thank you for inviting me to share my experiences of your latest creation: 7 Affirmations of Sacred Love.

I first read through the PDF you provided, which was a wonderful introduction and helpful to understanding the material and your process in creating this offering. 

Of course experiencing the audio (and energetic) recording had the greatest impact on me. For my first listening, I was beautifully impacted by the music attuned to the heart chakra. A wonderful sense of peace, calm, and love immediately washed over me, opening my heart center and allowing a sweet connection to my Higher Self. I could feel the presence of Universal Love and I was part of it. The first listening carried me on a healing and reconnection journey. The positive Affirmations themselves anchored those feelings with one particular Affirmation standing out to me: 

5) I AM Sacred Love as Divine Energies flow through Me and around Me.

That particular Affirmation perfectly matched my experience.

Subsequent experiences have evolved my experience. Currently while listening to the recording, I am enjoying an experience of a more conscious connection to Everything, All That Is. My initial awareness of increased connection was on the Higher Frequencies but as I listened today I also saw that Denser Frequencies are a part of All. I did not experience any judgement of the Denser Frequencies but I did see that it a choice as to what I wish to experience in life. It is a wonderful, personal reminder.

In closing, I would say that it appears the 7 Affirmations of Sacred Love can be both an evolving experience and a singular adventure. The accompanying PDF outlining some Spiritual Principles is educational and the recorded experience itself transcends any particular Eastern or Western influence: it is deeply personal to the user.

I look forward to continuing the adventure and my Soul thanks you for bringing us this creation.

With much love,

Pat Hook 

APDT (The Association of Professional Dog Trainers) Professional Member

Healing Touch for Animals® Level 2

Reiki Master

June 10, 2017

Anna Evans said: 

Within seconds of listening, I could feel my heart pulsate, then my third eye.

And now another minute in, my throat Chakra feels that it is clearing, moving and, then my sacral area and base area .

Throughout listening and repeating the affirmations, I could feel subtle shifts in my physical.  As well as the vast array of visuals - beautiful colors of iridescent blue, purples, deep greens.  At one point I felt like I was riding on the wave of my DNA structure. At another moment I wondered why I was flying, at this stage I noticed I was sitting on a White Headed Eagles back, gliding. the words came through as “I am Freedom”.  There was so much more going on visually for me as well.  I so wish I could “show” you what I experienced.

The soft, gentle, guiding music was not only beautiful but, my body certainly went into a deep space of floating.  I could feel all of my energy centers moving. I physically felt my body align itself. I feel taller. And, so very peaceful.

Thank you “Ray” Boyd.  I am honored.

With Love, Grace and Gratitude,

Anna Evans - Divine Guide, Intuitive Energy Healer.


_Ejay Green said:

June 14th, 2017

Greetings Ray, Divine timing must be at work.  Several years ago I purchased a book called The power of I Am.  It seemed that I never made the time to read it.  A few weeks ago I picked up the book and this time I read it.  Two days after I finished it I received your wonderful meditation CD the Seven Affirmation's of Sacred Love.  All I can say is WOW! For many years when I would go to my healing room to meditate during my session a golden pyramid with the eye of God would descend upon me and such peace would wash over my body.  Then life got busier and it became easy to not meditate every day and that would turn into a week then a month would go by until my connection to the divine was gone.  Now a new day has dawned.  Your explanation of the affirmations was exceptional and while experiencing the safety of your voice guiding me to go deeper and then following the music to the end I have been able to reestablish my connection to the divine.  Thank you for this wonderful gift. Love and Blessings,Ejay

Ejay Green is a Master Teaching of The Healer Method 

and various modalities of Energy and Hands on Healing

Amy St. Mikael said:

June 14th, 2017

This is a most powerful set of affirmations!!!!  

These are the divine truths many of us have forgotten and this is a perfectly beautiful way to reset and remind ourselves.

I enjoyed reading through each and every one of them. I especially love the statement: I AM Sacred Love IN the Divine Creator.  I'd never seen it put like that before.  It feels good to say and is true as we are all ONE love.  

The descriptions of each affirmation are thorough, educational, and a perfect blend of Eastern and Western thought. Easy to read and comprehend as well as so important for us to know. 

The guided affirmations and music is how I end each day. I look forward to it and I can't think of anything better to listen to or repeat.  I have had visions listening to the affirmations and music and I feel my cells responding.  Your voice and the music is divine!  Within seconds I am in a meditative relaxed state with my heart wide open.I've printed out the affirmations so I have them in my kitchen and in the bathroom.  

I can't thank you enough Ray, for creating this for each of us and for the world. 

Amy St. Michael

Reiki Master, Holistic Life Coach, Primordial Light Healer, Receiving Method, Dowser, Guide

Karyn Goldingham said, June 30,2017

Yesterday I listened to Ray’s 7 Affirmations of Sacred Love MP3. As soon as I heard the first note I felt my heart expand with Love and it was though this is what I needed right at that precise moment. 

Meditation is a good way of really relaxing One’s Mind………. a Place of Stillness……. No Mind talking, Only the Heart Listening and Doing. I felt energized after and was smiling from ear to ear and my vibrations had risen. I noticed the next day changes within Myself…. more at One with Myself and the Universe and had a better take on how to deal with certain things in my life.

The Soul Always Loves a big dose of Self Love... and this certainly helped

Karyn Goldingham

Spiritual Teacher, Soul Healer, Studied and certified with Healing Genius

Office Administrator and marketing designer for Knit World, New Zealand

Kim Ganzer Wiley said: June 28,2017

I just wanted to preface comments by saying that I feel an instant calming after listening to the affirmations/music! I had never heard the term "Atman" prior to reading the PDF. Reading about the Atman was good reinforcement for me because I have been wondering for some time, what my purpose in life is! Many times in my life, I have felt like a visitor to a very strange land and have a hard time believing that I am meant to be on Earth at this time! I have felt, especially the past decade, that is difficult to find my "true north" or compass! Part of why it has been hard for me to focus at this time has to do with a lack of solitude, or silence for an extended period of time, partially due to where I currently live. Your Affirmation/Music allows me to do that! I am grateful that you gifted me with this Ray, because it could not have come at a better time. I need to reclaim my power as a human and focus on what I need and on what is good, not on what I do not want! I realize that I have been stuck in some fear and I need to release it! I have had too much worry of late about my health and financial obligations as well as the lack of a solid best friend, other than my husband. I have been thinking that a job will provide some security, and deep down, know this to not be true! This gift from  you has just reinforced this for me! I thank you!    Kim G.W.  Sales Manager, BS. MS.                             


Blessings Ray,

Just finished reading the PDF, wow I could feel the love from I AM. Listening to the MP3 I feel it resonating every molecule. I feel more than what I can put into words so hope you understand that I resonate with ALL I AM that I AM.

Many blessings love and light Denise

Denise Oldale

Massage Therapist

Meditation Facilitator