Soul Consciousness and Creating the Sacred Circle MP3

Experience the transcendence with Music tuned to 432 HZ and Ray's guiding voice


 Join ~Ray~ for this 33 Minute Guided Meditation as he guides you into
the realm of Soul Consciousness.  In this powerful realm of creativity, the
Sacred Circle is created and experienced. 

Learn how to create your own Sacred Circle to travel within your-Self and to
travel by Soul Consciousness to any point in the Universe. 
Exploring your innate powers of intuition, go beyond your 5 senses into a realm where impulse, intention and intuition are your true guides to Self discovery.

Transcendent Music will accompany you on this journey within tuned especially to 432 Hz to bring perfect harmony and balance to this guided meditation. 


Soul Consciousness and Creating the Sacred Circle MP3

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From those who experienced Soul Consciousness and Creating the Sacred Circle

October 23/2017

Amy St. Mikael wrote:

Dear Ray,

Thank you so much for creating this guided meditation. Being in my Soul Consciousness and in the middle of the Sacred Circle was like the peace that surpasses all explanations. I have never sat so fully in my 3rd eye before and that alone felt like home.... like a nectar for my whole being. I have practiced this 4 times now and each time I have a different vision and yet remain completely centered in the universe, in myself, and in a deep calming silence that pervades everything. It carry's me throughout my day and into my dream-time. This is something I've never quite experienced before and I am ever grateful to you for creating this for us.

This not only gifts the individual        practicing the meditation, it gifts ALL LIFE.

 With humble deep reverence, and love,

Amy St Mikael, Reiki Master, Holistic Life Coach, Prim. rdial Light Healer, Receiving Method, Dowser, Guide  

October 24, 2017  

Ejay wrote:  

I can't remember exactly when I was introduced to Ray's music, but from the first soul song that I heard through all of the inspirational musical CD's that he crafted to this third in the series of meditations I marvel at his grasp and timing on what is needed in this present moment.   As I listen to Ray's newest meditation in my healing room his voice drifted across my consciousness and after several breaths a golden pyramid rose up from my third eye and descended upon my heart chakra.  After more breaths my body was surrounded by the universal divine golden light.  I was able to breath in peace and breath out stress.   After several more breaths I found myself walking through a meadow of tall grass toward a sparkling waterfall.  In the distance I saw a circle of souls sitting in meditation.  They motioned to me to join them. As I sat and breathed with them all was love all was peace.  After a time I heard Ray's voice calling me back and as I became aware of my healing room I knew that this meditation is exactly what this world needs to help us become the true spiritual beings we were meant to be. Thank you for this beautiful gift.  Ejay Green Master/Teacher of The Healer Method and The Healer II  


Karyn Goldingham wrote:  November 3, 2017 

Hi Ray Thank you for this wonderful gift.   

This guided meditation is so loving for the soul. It caressed my Souls Love from the moment when I reached Soul Consciousnesses

Once in this space there are no words to describe other than Complete Peace wrapped up in my own Souls Love. I felt strong vibrant and so very light as though i was floating through the universe in pure freedom. This is the State that we all should be in and not the chaos of today's world. We are all taught to think think think but we should in fact be taught not to think and to go into our Soul and seek our answers that way. In this meditation it takes you to that very state of no thinking and in your heart completely.

I have listened to the meditation several times and each time I felt so at peace and wanted to stay there for a long time :-)

Today I asked Anna to join me and i felt her instantly...... we had an interesting conversation via heart only and no thinking as per say..... we communicated through our hearts and got answers through my heart. As always I describe this as a knowing within myself

When the meditation is over, I open my eyes slowly wow everything looks brighter and clearer and a big smile comes over me. Like once again I am home........ home is ME........ complete ME ..... peaceful ME

Thank You Ray for this truly wonderful Meditation which I am sure well help many a soul on their own special journey to be awakened

I truly admire your work Ray and I am blessed to know you in this life time too.

In Love and Harmony

Karyn Goldingham

Master Soul Healer

November 5, 2017

Judy Acton Ayala wrote: 

 "Thank You So Much, Ray! ~ I Love It! What a beautiful and powerful experience listening to your meditation. I felt transcended. I felt your Awakened, Peaceful state of being. ​I felt instantaneously r e l a x e d upon hearing the first sounds in my headphones. It was a joy to connect with my Soul Consciousness and the Sacred Circle. How powerful using these aspects of myself with the chakras and third eye to be transported into the universe. ​ You already know I love your music! Now I know that your voice is as beautiful and soothing as your beloved wife's! I'm going to share the page to your work on Facebook.   

​ xo, Judy" ​