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4 Kings Frankincense Essential Oil

Created for your spiritual journey,  4 Kings Frankincense Oil is pure, undiluted, wild crafted or organic Essential Oil without any fillers, additives or carrier oils, just the perfect blend of these pure and sacred oils.

                   In this offering you will receive the Frankincense Essential 
                   Oils of 
                    1)  Boswellia Sacra  from Oman,  the most sought after
                     Frankincense Oil of all
                    2) Boswellia Frereana from Somalia, called "the King of 
                     Frankincense" Oil
                    3) Boswellia Carterii from Northern Yemen with its incense
                     like and smokey undertones
                    4) Boswellia Serrata from India, sweet citrus overtones and high potency levels. 

                     And the Fragrance!!!! 
So rich and elegant with the spice, the citrus, the cathedral smokiness, the sweetness

of sacra with its opening affect on the Third Eye. This is truly a crowned Frankincense created for your Soul.  

The perfect Meditation Essential Oil to use for all of your Ceremonies, Meditation, Anointing, Initiations, Activations, Healing and Purification, 

New Comments:  

" I  would like to tell you that I have received the 4 Kings Frankincense and I love it; you did such an awesome job well wrapped up and it arrived safe and sound. " Dot C. Australia


4 Kings Frankincense 15 ML (1/2 ounce) and as a Divinity Kit


4 Kings 15 ML size (1/2 ounce) Celebration Time Offer NOW $44 normally $59

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Thanks to our friends who ordered 4 Kings

 Karen A. wrote: Good Morning Ray,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new 4 Kings Frankincense Oils. I use it while I meditate on my third eye... and on the bottoms of my feet, and and I use the spray in my office and all over my house. I love the smell and the energy of it. I have used other oils of Frankincense, but this is the one I use the most of.  Karen 

  Gisela wrote: Hi Ray, My two bottles of oil arrived, I love the aroma of your 4 Kings Frankincense. The smell is simply divine, I’m using it every time I hear my soul song and/or meditate. I have to share this amazing product and gift it to a friend! Thanks a lot dear Ray!
Gisela Clemens 

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4 Kings Divinity Kit 2 Oz Spray, 15 ML Oil, 4 ML Travel


Our magnificent 4 Kings Frankincense Oil as a useful kit for Personal Use. Ceremonies, for Travel

4 Kings Divinity Kit during our Celebration time just $68 normally $88

Use 4 Kings Frankincense Oil for all of your spiritual needs, for anointing, clearing energy, for deep Meditation. Of all the wonderful Essential Oils, and after working with them for over 20 years, I have concluded that Frankincense is still the King of the Oils. 

Enjoy this fragrant, transcendent Oil offered as our 4 Kings Divinity Kit. 

From our great customers: Desiree said: 

" I love my 4 Kings Frankincense Divinity Kit. I use the oil for Meditation and in my bath; I use the spray mist for purifying my sacred space. The fragrance and vibration is so wonderful, thank you Ray!"   Dee De Angelise

Use the Drop Down Menu for your Country This will include the Total Amount with Shipping

Please Note the Three Choices in our Drop Down Menu

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Custom made Essential Oils

If you need a particular Essential Oil for Meditation, Healing, Anointing, better sleeping, for some physical ailments and other needs, please send me a note from my Contact page.  Let me know your need and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  There is no extra fee for making your custom made Essential Oil blend. I a happy to help you.  

Custom Made Essential Oils

Ray has created the best collection of oils I have ever tried!


If you have pain, trouble sleeping, sinus problems, arthritis, stress, or sore from working out....he has an oil that will work wonders! My mother has serious back issues and after her breast cancer with breast removal had even more issues. But with his oils I have helping her through the pain and getting her feeling better. It has even helped with her breathing as she is in bed a lot with depression. So if you need natural help check out the web site and ask questions if needed. He has the biggest and brightest soul I have ever seen."

Jennifer Griffin


Creating the most Empowering Oil for You


During the past 16 years, I have experienced the great natural healing power of Essential Oils. I have dedicated many years to research, experimentation, creating and offering these wonderful healing essences from Nature's flowers, herbs and plants. During my years as an Aromatherapist in Sedona, Az, I had offered a variety of 26 healing and inspirational oils. I am now still offering several of the most potent and favorite oils for our clients with the addition of creating custom oils for your personal needs.  Read on for more information.  Thank you

The right combination of Essential Oils blend can to wonders for you!


An example of our Sacred Sage Oil, after the Native American tradition for sacred ceremonies, Meditation, healing, clearing energies and rite of passage initiations.  Made with the pure Essential Oils of White Sage, Cedarwood, Spruce.  Offered as a 1/2 Ounce Essentail Oil blend or/and a 2 Ounce Spray Mist. Each bottle is blessed with a sacred sage smoke and Native American Flute Ceremony before mailing to you. 

 Use our Contact Page and let us know your interest or needs.  

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