The Deep Theta Method

Are you seeking for inner peace but just can't find it?
Do you have a difficult time Meditating?

The Deep Theta Method can help you now!

The Deep Theta Method uses Sound Waves that help your mind relax, help your mind focus, help your mind learn how to go deep into the most rewarding state of Consciousness

The Deep Theta realm. 


Deep Theta brain waves occur for those who go deep into Meditation such as the Tibetan Monks.  However, you may achieve and sustain Deep Theta tranquility without having to practice Meditation for many years. 

By creating your own deep Theta brain waves and Meditating in these same  low frequency brain waves  you will find a new level of awareness, a new source of intuition, a new feeling of Oneness with yourself and with the universe. 

In deep Theta you will realize and discover your own Soul Consciousness.


By using sound waves in the deep Theta frequency range, the Deep Theta Method helps to guide your brain waves to that same deep level so you can Meditate while remaining alert and focused. 

The benefits are remarkable:

  • Deep Peace
  • Total Relaxation 
  • A heightened sense of awareness and intuition
  • An inward knowing and understanding of yourself
  • A feeling of connection to a higher Consciousness
  • Healing for your physical body
  • Healing of emotional states
  • Healing at the conscious and subconscious level
  • Positive results using affirmations for directing the Subconsciousness
  • Realizing your own true Self as a pure state of Consciousness

Listen to a Sample of Deep Theta Sound Waves Now

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Do you want to experience Deep Theta Waves Now before reading further? 

Just put on some headphones and touch  the play button.  It's just a short sample and just the beginning of something wonderful for you! Enjoy

Creating the Deep Theta Method


Meditation is the key to unlock the gifts that await you within your own Consciousness

 In creating the Deep Theta Method I wanted to assist you on your  life's journey whether it may be for healing or inspiration or for seeking transformation within. I wanted your experience to be nurturing, relaxing and  deeply meaningful. I have discovered through my many years of working with sound frequencies and energetic vibrational healing that if we can assist our brain waves in transcending from the normal Beta frequency into deep Theta frequencies that we will consciously arrive at a place within where we can experience deep peace, healing, Soul Consciousness, complete transformation and liberation.  

Uniqueness of the deep theta method


Deep Theta Method as a Unique Method for Meditation, Toning and Healing


The Deep Theta Method is a unique method of both entrainment and reshaping the pathways within our brain wave network.   By entrainment I mean that as we play audible frequencies our brain waves which are electromagnetic begin to synchronize with these dominant sound waves.  As the frequency of the notes played begin in the Beta frequency and descend down through Alpha into Theta, the brain waves follow closely and begin to match the same frequencies. 

The first sign is that your breath and heart rate are naturally slowing down as the Music descends from Beta through Alpha and into Theta. 

Your thoughts begin to slow down as well and your ability to concentrate without distractions improves dramatically. 

The process for descending into Theta Sound Waves is not by randomly playing  notes but by specific frequencies descending in precise increments starting in high Beta frequency at 31 Hz -15 Hz or cycles per second, descending through Alpha ( 14 Hz-8 Hz) and arriving in deep Theta at 7.8 Hz. 

Since low frequencies at 7.8 are  felt more as a low rumble than heard as sound or music, I needed to create an overtone frequency of harmonics that would be ultra low in frequency but still musical to the ear.  I  was able to do this using the frequency oscillators and several combined algorithms from one of my virtual analog synthesizers.  

At this low subsonic frequency the Musical tones are in close proximity to the Schumann Resonance which has a electromagnetic frequency of 7.83 Hz.  

The Schumann Resonance is the measured frequency of the electromagnetic field between the Earth's surface and the Ionosphere.

I felt it was important to keep these two resonating frequencies aligned since the benefits of Meditating in deep Theta as it aligns with the Schumann Resonance creates a most peaceful and tranquil state of consciousness. 

The consciousness of nature such as the plant and animal kingdom are affected by this frequency. So as we practice both Meditation and toning a mantra  in deep Theta we  naturally come into alignment with Ourselves and with all of Nature as well. 

Creating New Pathways through Deep Theta Meditation


Each time you Meditate or Tone in Deep Theta you are improving your ability to recall the experience

By practicing Deep Theta Meditation, you will begin to "hear" the sound waves within.  Using good over the ear headphones or  stereo system that is able to play back the deep bass notes will accelerate your experience. Your brain waves are creating new memory pathways so that in the future you will not need to play the music frequencies.  Your brain memory will recall the frequency tones as you Meditate. 

Using the Deep Theta Method With and Without the OM Mantra


OM is the Universal Mantra

I have chosen OM as the Mantra for some  of the Deep Theta Meditations.  The OM is said to be the sound of creation, the planets, the resonating frequency of the Schumann frequency band between the Earth surface and the Ionosphere.  OM or AUM or its Hindu symbol has been used for thousands of years.  It is the evidential reality of the source from which it came.  It has been called the "Word", the vibratory Consciousness of God,  the sound energy of creation.   

As we tone or chant the sound of OM we create a synergy with the many other Souls who are in the same space and time chanting this powerful Mantra.  The intention of the OM  is for the well being of all of the inhabitants on the Planet as well as the connection with the divine Source.  

It resonates within us and helps us to transcend ordinary thoughts to thoughts more meaningful to our spiritual journey. 

Our Offerings for deep theta meditation on MP3


1) Deep Theta Guided Meditation by Ray which includes a Free companion Meditation

  1.  A 37 minute Guided Meditation by Ray which takes you through the whole process of transcendence from ordinary brain waves in Beta down through Alpha and into deep Theta at 7.8 Hz.  There is a short toning of the OM Mantra as we  descend into a meditative state during our descent through Alpha. This is a good selection to begin your first Meditation into deep Theta.


2.   A 37 minute Meditation Companion MP3  to our Deep Theta Meditation  with minimal voice guidance by Ray is also included at present as a FREE GIFT. 

Just two minutes of voice guidance, then you can sit back and experience the journey of transcending into Theta and staying there for 15 minutes bathing in the deep oceanic Theta Waves.   There are no OM mantras toned as well.


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Deep Theta Guided Meditation

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        Theta Meditation

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2) A Four part Series of Deep Theta Meditation 37 and 52 minutes, with and without the OM Mantra

This Series was created for Therapists and Practitioners along with Meditators who did not wish to have a voice over guided meditation. It is useful for healing sessions where the practitioner can be the "voice over" while the deep Theta sound waves accompany the session. 

To Purchase Now and for a full description and sound sample use this link: 

Deep Theta Meditation 4 part series

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3) In the Temple of OM: Toning in Deep Theta. A 45 min journey toning and transcending into deep Theta

This dynamic 45 minute Meditation is a toning Meditation with the great OMs. 

It begins in the Temple sanctuary with ancient Tibetan bells and chanting the OM Mantra Then we descend in frequency from low Beta at 17.32 and descends through Alpha to Theta at 7.8 Hz. Once there we continue toning the OM for 15 Minutes before ascending to Beta and continuing the OM chant to the end of the MP3.   This Meditation will take you deep into Theta Sound Waves and give you 98 opportunities to chant the great OM Mantra.  A MUST HAVE for all Mantra Meditators.  

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In the Temple of OM

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4) Deep Theta and Kriya Yoga Meditation;  This wonderful new Meditation in Deep Theta Sound Waves recognizes the Absolute, Supreme, One Consciousness..... the Kriya Yoga Masters and incorporates the Mantra chanting of the Kriya Yoga Mantra: OM So Hum and Hung Sau as you are transcending from normal Beta brain waves into Deep Theta waves.   This Transcendental Meditation will aid you on your journey to complete Liberation. 

For a full description and to order use this link:

Deep Theta and Kriya Yoga Meditation

For a final thought for our intention for creating Deep Theta Method please read on

Do you have a question about The Deep Theta Method?

Hello Friend, since this may be a new way to Meditate or incorporate Music and Sound Waves into your Meditation or Therapy/Practice, I am here to assist you and will answer your questions. 

Use  the Link below and ask your questions or comments. Divine Blessings to you...~Ray~

Deep Theta Method for our changing world


Change Comes From Within

Our world is changing rapidly.  We can choose to become our own solution by always asking within what is best for me, what is best for my neighbor, what is best for our planet?  We can choose which sounds we wish to listen to, which electrical waves we wish to experience.  Is the microwave oven  good for cooking our food? If not, we can choose not to use it.  Is the Music and the TV commercials pleasing to our ears? If not, we can turn them off.  Do our own thoughts and brain waves bring us peace and serenity or are we stressed and anxious?  We can change that as well.  

By using Deep Theta Method, we can experience within our own Consciousness the peace and joy that we so desire. We can find healing in the deep soothing sound waves of deep Theta as they resonate throughout every organ in our body.  As we practice Deep Theta Meditation,  our own discovery of our True Self will lead us on a beautiful journey of caring for others as well.  And ultimately our awareness in deep Theta makes us become even more aware of the benevolent Source that fills every iota of space with its Love, with its Light and with its Sound.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Just imagine, we can be the change that we have been waiting for. 

Sample Deep Theta Sound Waves with om mantra use headphones