Deep Theta and Kriya Yoga Mantra Meditation

Life is in the breath...pranayama brings Source Energy up through the spine into the spiritual eye

The Kriya Yoga Masters gave us the secrets to the breath of life through the repetition of the sacred Mantras. In this 35 minute Deep Theta Meditation, you will experience the wonderful benefits of Deep Theta Sound Waves as they accompany the chanting of the Mantras: OM, So Hum and Hung Sau.

I invite you to chant with me as we travel the sound waves from Beta to Deep Theta. 

Or you may wish to chant silently to the OM mantra; with So Hum, experience So on the inhalation and Hum on the exhalation. And the same with Hung Sau (pronounced Hong Saw)  Hung on the inhalation, Sau on the exhalation. 

Draw the breath up from the base of your spinal center all the way into your spiritual eye and crown Chakra.  Focusing your thoughts on the Mantras and the breath heighten your Intuition, 

clear your mind from distractions helping you gain awareness of your true nature as an Infinite being always connected directly with the Source, the One Reality. 

To practice Pranayama breath It is recommended to first receive instruction from a Kriya Yoga Master/Teacher. 

To Order Deep Theta Kriya Yoga Meditation 29 USD