Soul Consciousness and the 4 Spiritual Truths MP3

Offered as an MP3 with PDF Script Guide included. Ray's Music is tuned to the frequency of 432Hz


Join ~Ray~ as you travel inward to the most beautiful place in the Universe, to your own beautiful and unique Soul. ~ Ray~ will gently guide you through this

60 minute Meditation/Experiential to the very heart of love that awaits you.
He will help you through the process of transcendence as you go deeper and deeper into your own sacred sanctuary of Soul Consciousness and connect with your Source. 

It is there that you will also experience the wonderful Truth of the Christ Consciousness when he spoke these words of universal spiritual Truth:
" Love God with all your Heart, with all your Soul, with all your Mind and all of your Strength"

These Truths are your keys to the Kingdom and your clear road map

My invitation to you is to join me today to experience the Joy, Peace, Love and Truth that awaits you. 


Soul Consciousness and the 4 Spiritual Truths MP3 by ~Ray~

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From those who experienced Soul Consciousness and the 4 Spiritual Truths


December 18th, 2017
from Anah Maa

While listening to Ray's soothing, comforting voice and allowing myself to relax,  I found myself transcending the limitations of the mind and physical world, quickly following the music into a heavenly space of Love Consciousness.  With Ray's gentle, compassionate Wisdom guiding you, he helps open your Soul Consciousness to come forward and gently show you the Love that You Are and the Love that IS ever present.  

This is a beautifully deep and unique experience that wraps you in Unconditional Love, ancient Truths and Healing Sounds.  Take this journey deep within to connect with All That Is and be forever changed. 

This is truly a Gift of Love.

Anah Maa  

She is a master healer, author, spiritual counselor and founder of The Ultimate Gift Foundation and Prema Sai Maa Center for Global Resources 

December 16, 2017
Glo Davis wrote

Right now your music is still playing , holding me in that place of deep peace.

Just last week I was asking myself how I would answer someone who says, “But God has to have a body…we are made in his image. I have to wonder if a scholar would go back to the original language they might find that the original word translated as “Image” would apply more to the aspect of God as a frequency of Great Light, boundless love and omnipresent consciousness rather than a being of flesh and blood. I suspect so.. I greatly appreciated how you explained this.As your meditation began I felt every cell of my body light up with the frequency of Divine Source/God. It was as if the frequency of God that resides in each cell of my body was activated and make alive , burning with the Light of Sacred Presence. What a beautiful experience. 

Glo Davis, Master Healer

December 17th, 2017
from Ejay Green

Each time that I have listened to your wonderful meditation, I think to myself that this is it you can’t do anything better, but alas I find out that I am wrong.  This meditation has helped me to see these four truths in a different light; not just what I had been taught throughout the years, but from a place of spirit to spirit or soul to soul.

As the meditation began I felt my vibrational field become energized and approximately one fourth of the way into the program you began to have us move our energy through the chakras and as the energy moved up through the chakras and reached my crown chakra golden light shot out and formed a protective shield around my physical body allowing me to fully give myself over to spirit.

I had never thought of loving God from a spiritual heart center instead of the physical heart.  Loving from the spiritual heart center I could feel a connection to the crucified Christ while upon the cross I could see the perfect love for all humanity that he had spreading out like waves upon the ocean.  It is so comforting to know that our true essence is that of a spiritual being.  . I had never before thought of gratitude being considered our strength, but it does take strength to live from a place of gratitude and love for God.  Thank you for continuing to help us grow through your gift of music and your ability to understand and share these spiritual truths.

Much Love Ejay Green Master/Teacher of The Healer Method . 

December 19th, 2017
Karyn Goldingham wrote: 

Hi Ray Your voice is very soft and it directs you right to the place of our Soul Consciousness :-) A very powerful peaceful place to be. At this time of the year in fact any time of the year - if only people that are searching for God turn to go within as that is where GOD is. The spiritual truths that you speak about relates so much to my Soul. As I listened I could feel my Soul and Love expand even more as my Soul started to rejoice with tears and smiles. I am God as he is in ME. What I am feeling right now I can't put into words properly. I feel complete whole and I feel GOD which is in ME and I love this feeling so very much. A timely reminder that we are here to do on the earth plane and that is to reconnect to our Soul, God and to be Awakened, to let go of all emotions and conquer them all in LOVE.  Let go of your mind chaos and let your Soul Consciousness back in. Let go of all the Mind programming that you have learnt and let YOU BACK INTO You. Start being you again and not the you the world has programmed you to be. YOU ARE LOVE - I AM LOVE I recommend that you listen to this with no distractions at all and give yourself this gift of YOU back to YOU. My energy levels have risen once again as I connected to my Soul Consciousness and GOD - what a awesome feeling it is. I am smiley and feel so much love it is beautiful             With Much Love from Me to You Love .........Karyn Goldingham Spiritual Teacher, Soul Healer New Zealand

On December 20th, 2017
Susan Vandeligt wrote: 

"Being December, some parts of the world celebrate the “birth of Jesus”.  There’s lots of evidence to suggest Jesus wasn’t born around this time and in fact he died around this time.This meditation reclaims Jesus and the Christ Consciousness he carried and brought to Earth.  Jesus and his life have been hijacked.  He’s had a religious framework built around him.  Wars have been fought in his name, with people dying.  Is that what he or the Christ Consciousness would have wanted?  No.This meditation uses words from scripture, which have profound meaning and gives them the respect they deserve.Within all the various religious frameworks built around Jesus’s life – there is truth.  Jesus was alive.  He was special and he did have a mission.  To embed the Christ Consciousness into the energy fields of Earth.  He was/is a Cosmic Intervention, just like many people waking up are.  We all have our own special missions, if we choose to take them up.So let’s celebrate Jesus and enjoy this beautiful meditation, using the tools that Jesus gave us."
Cheers Susan.  Beautiful music.

December 16th, 2017
Amy St. Mikael wrote

Thank you Ray for creating the Soul Consciousness and the 4 Spiritual Truths.  
I enjoyed the journey into my Atman and Sacred heart space.  The simple powerful truths resonated deep with in and the meditation took me into such deep silence where I am connected to my all knowing transcendent self.  What a gift this is for all.  
With Eternal Gratitude,Amy St Mikael 
Reiki Master, Holistic Life Coach,