Advanced Remote Healing Service by Donation

#1 Soul Connection Healing for those who need emotional support and empowerment


Ray will connect with you at the chosen time for a one hour deep connection at the Soul Consciousness level. At this transcendent state, Soul to Soul support will be given as Ray sends you the Golden Light of Radiance to fill you , support you and empower you. 

#2 Physical Healing from pain, dis-ease, reocurring illness


This session includes totally focusing on a specific area or areas of pain, dis-ease, illness and other physical symptoms. 

As Ray connects with you, he will send you healing energies that bring your physical body into balance. Every cell carries the prana life force from the Beloved Source. Ray will send this healing life energy to help restore you. 

#3 Ceremonial Healing for those who feel blocked or attacked by forces from outside themselves


Ray has been doing ceremonial healing for many years with sacred saging, flute ceremonies and shamanic healing. Guiding unwanted energies and entities away from you will be at the focus of this distant healing. 

This is also a Soul connection healing to gain insight into the blocks or attacks to determine how you may protect yourself from future attacks. 

#4 Inner Light Energy Healing for those who need clarity in life's decisions


As Ray connects with you, he will send you a strong energetic beam of pure white Light, source Light, to give you the support and clarity you need to move forward. Do you feel stuck, blocked within your mind, troubled by decisions and confusion. 

This 1 hour session will help you regain more clarity and will help you move forward. 

#5 Remote Healing with The Healer Method


Ray is the founder of The Healer Method, an advanced healing modality that incorporates energetic symbols for healing, a tapping method on the Chakras and Meridians, an anointing ceremony with sacred oils all in sync to the guiding sacred Music of The Healer.  

This powerful method of healing has certified Masters in several US states. For those who can sit comfortably or lie down for an hour, this has proven to be a very successful distance healing connection. 

#6 Deep Theta Meditation for a host of physical , mental and emotional challenges

Sri Yukteswr Kriya Yoga Master who was Paramahansa Yogananda's Guru

As Ray goes into deep Meditation transcending Beta and Alpha states of Consciousness, arriving at Theta, Ray will  connect with you at the Soul Consciousness level to meet your Soul.  

 Your Soul already has the wisdom and knowledge for what you need. As Ray receives these answers, he will send you their healing energies. 

 Ray uses this method before each Soul Song as well and the deepest and most meaningful way to connect with you. 

These advanced healing services

are by donation. Please use the PayPal Button and fill in the form below. 

My Newest Healing Service Offered: Chakra Energy Optimizer


#7 Energy System Optimizing for 7 Main Chakras

This is a powerful energetic healing and empowering clearing of each Chakra to bring optimum health

Each Chakra receives a 3 segment Clearing, Purifying and Restructuring to optimize your Chakras

The Chakra optimization includes both the energies entering the front Chakras and those adjacent to them located along the back of the spine.  I also include the pineal gland in this powerful method. 

This is a one hour healing session and I need you to be relaxed in a meditative mode to receive.

Chakras affect organs in the body that we sometimes over look. Choose this method for good health.

 These advanced healing services are by donation. Please use the PayPal Button and fill in the form below. 

My Service

100% of your kind Donation for your healing session will be donated to The Ultimate Gift Foundation, a 501 C3 non-profit foundation helping those who have basic needs of food, shelter and clean drinking water. Thank you with many blessings

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