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3 Deep Theta Meditations with Frankincense Meditation Oil all in one Special Priced Package

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This Special Meditation Package Includes:

1) Deep Theta Guided Meditation MP3

2) Deep Theta Meditation Minimal Voice MP3

3) Deep Theta: In The Temple Of OM 

4) Frankincense Meditation Oil

Deep Theta Meditation Package

My Intention


My intention is to create the perfect Deep Theta Meditation Experiential  Package for you.

I am including 3 Deep Theta Meditations plus the magnificent Meditation Essential Oil: 4 Kings Frankincense to anoint your spiritual eye. 

See my individual web pages for a full description and sound sample for each of these wonderful Meditations and Oils.

Let's go deep into Deep Theta Meditation and have the ultimate experience with remarkable benefits. 

Your Meditation Package Includes

  1. Deep Theta Guided Meditation MP3
  2. Deep Theta Meditation with Minimal Voice Guidance
  3. Deep Theta Meditation: In the Temple of OM
  4. 1/2 Ounce bottle of our magnificent 4 Kings Frankincense Meditation Oil

Deep Theta Meditation MP3 #1


This 37 Minute Voice Guided Meditation with Ray takes you from the beginning in its explanation of deep theta sound waves. Then on a inward journey descending from the normal Beta brain waves transcending through Alpha into deep Theta brain waves at 7.8 Hz or cycles per second. The Music guides the brains descent into Theta as it begins at 31 Hz and descends step by step until it reaches the low Theta Sound Waves at 7.8 Hz. At this deep tranquil state, positive affirmations are incorporated to direct the subconsciousness.  Join Ray for your first deep theta Meditation experience.

To Listen to a Deep Theta Sound Wave Sample and for a full description

Use this Link to Deep Theta Meditation

Deep Theta Meditation MP3 #2


This 37 Minute Deep Theta Meditation includes voice instructions during the first two minutes, then the Music begins its descend from Beta Sounds Waves at 31 Hz all the way down to 7.8 Hz in deep Theta Sound Waves. 

As you reach Deep Theta, you will have 15 full minutes to Meditate and experience the benefits of Deep Theta Waves. You will feel the deep peace and serenity of this state of Consciousness that connects you to your intuition, your True Self, the Atman at the core of your Being. 

Use this Meditation as a companion to our Deep Theta Guided Meditation. 

Deep Theta Meditation MP3 #3 In the Temple of OM


In the Temple of OM is a 45 minute Deep Theta Meditation that begins by chanting the great OM Mantra, then descending from 17.5 Hz in low Beta down into deep Theta Sound Waves at 7.8 Hz where you can chant or experience the OM Mantra. The benefits of chanting OM will open your spiritual eye and allow you to focus without distractions. The many benefits include: 

1) Transcending into deeper states of Consciousness

2) Learning to focus your mind

3) Feeling deep peace

4) Experiencing your true Self

5) Connecting to the Universal Consciousness

6) Awareness of your relationship to Source

7) Accelerating your ascension process

Deep Theta Meditation Oil: 4 Kings Frankincense


To begin each Meditation experience anoint your spiritual eye with 4 Kings Frankincense Oil.  Frankincense has many benefits including helping to de-calcify your Pineal gland. You will have a deeper and more spiritual Meditation as your spiritual eye opens and you become more aware of your innate nature as an Infinite being. 

 This marvelous Essential Oil is a combination of 4 of the most beneficial varieties of Frankincense Essential Oil:

Boswellia Sacra: the most sought after sweep transcendent fragrance

Boswellia Carterri the rich smokey like qualities of burned Frankincense in the monasteries and cathedrals.

Boswellia Frereana called the King of Frankincense with its beautiful intense aroma

Boswellia Serrata: with its citrus overtones and high medicinal content 

This is a large 1/2 ounce size bottle that will last you through many Meditations in Deep Theta

For a full description use this Link to our Meditation Oils Page

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