Questions and Answers about your beautiful Soul Song

Do we need another Soul Song recorded?


My answer to this is that You are an Infinite Being.  Your Soul Essence is always the same as it proceeds from the Absolute Source of All.  But each Soul has different characteristics, gifts, talents and experiences in states of consciousness that are unique to your particular Soul. 

 When I record your Soul Song after connecting with you, I am inspiring by each of these characteristics and incorporate them into your Music. That is why each Soul Song is entirely different from anothers.


As for a second or third Soul Song, I consider how you have evolved  as a spiritual being.  You are ever being inspired by your Soul to express and expand your mission or reason for being here.  For many, after one year or perhaps a year and a half depending on your evolution, I will once again record your Soul Song.  You will know when the time is right. 

I just experienced my second Soul Song


 "Thank you ~Ray~.  I'm really glad I ordered a new soul song.  The first soul song gave me a great understanding of my connection to the weather, seasons, earth, nature, animals, plants, land etc (also spiritual strength).  Feels like it’s about the warrior.   

The second soul song highlights my connections to the beautiful, loving cosmos and everything in it, as well as my earthly connections. What a blessing to have experienced both!.......  Quite amazing actually!

Also, the dancing is different in each song. In my first soul song there was a large amount of dancing and it relates to battling, being in relationship with nature and everyone/thing else and also literally the physical act of dancing aka. Having fun. In the second soul song the waltz and/or the dance is almost romantic. The joy is different. Its like a privilege or honor. It really is about mastery. Conscious mastery. 

 This new soul song is Perfectly timed. 

I am deeply grateful....... 

Again, thank you ~Ray~.  I appreciate what you do."   Susan V.

Will my present mood and emotions affect my Soul Song?


Your mood and emotions belong to your human counterpart, although an important part of you, doesn't affect your Soul Song. When I connect with you initially before the recording begins, it is in Soul Consciousness, where I am inspired by your wonderful Infinite Soul. 

Actually, it is the other way around. Your Soul Song will affect your mood and emotions in a very positive way and empower you as a complete human being as body, mind and spirit (Soul).

How do you connect with me when I have never met you?


We all have the ability to connect with each other in Soul Consciousness.  After all, we are spiritual beings who have emanated directly from Source.  The Divine Energy is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere present at once. As we cultivate our own spiritual gifts and awareness, we become more like Source in that we can connect on higher planes of knowledge and awareness, we can soul travel to realms of deep consciousness that is enlightened by Source Energy.

  When I connect with you for your Soul Song, I envision You as pure spirit.  I approach You with honor and respect, asking if I may converse with you. I ask your Soul Self to inspire and guide me in each recorded note, melody and song within your Soul Song.  My energies do not mingle with your energies at any point during the Soul Song process. I remain in my own beings as you also do. 

I also ask for characteristics and gifts that are part of your total makeup to be represented in your Soul Song.  It may be that you will become more aware of yourself as an artist or writer, etc as your Soul Song takes you deeper inward to your Soul Self. I may see gifts of compassion, love and devotion or other important aspects of your life and mission that I will represent musically. 

It is all quite a phenomena process which I approach with reverence each day I am in the recording studio with your Soul Song.

My Soul Song is 32 minutes long, why do you need 5 days to record it?


Many years ago when I had the Soul Song  Studio in Sedona, AZ, I had 6 Keyboard and 4 synth modules all interfaced together so I could play four keyboards at once by using the sustain pedals.  I had you sitting in a chair across from me with headphones on as I recorded your Soul Song live in the Studio.  

But as we started traveling the world and doing spiritual work in other countries, I couldn't take all of the keyboards and recording gear with me. So I began to use a single keyboard and 5 synth modules for a small set up that still could have access to 5-6,000 sounds. 

With this mobile setup, I could travel and record Soul Song for people all over the world.  

The process of recording one track at at a time is much more time consuming since one 4 minute part of your Soul Song may have up to 20 tracks of Music with each track having to be recorded individually.  

Since I also chart out your melodies as I am inspired to write them, I not only "play" your Soul Song, but I compose and "write" the chord charts out as well. 

This a a much longer process, but the end result is so rewarding and beneficial for you.  I can go back and tell you the notes, key and chords to any part of your Soul Song at any time. 

A typical 32 minute Soul Song could easily take me over 30 hours to record. 

Then the mixing, editing, burning to CD begins. After finalizing the CD, then I make the MP3 and Music Wav.files.

Then I write a summary of your Soul Song to include in an email for you. 

Large music files are then uploaded to my Transferbigfiles account and then an email is sent to you with the Link for downloading your Soul Song. 

So total time for each Soul Song from beginning to the end resulting in your receiving it can easily be over 40 hours. 

And that's where the 5 days in the studio comes from. 

What else do you do besides recording Soul Songs?


That's a good question. Most of what I do at present comes directly out of my Meditation experience.  I have found through the years that my gifts and inspiration and intuition are all enhanced by my daily practice of Meditation which is primarily Kriya Yoga.  Kriya Yoga was introduced to the West in 1922 by Paramahansa Yogananda with the present master, Roy Davis, the last living direct disciple of Yogananda.  I was initiated by Roy Davis some years ago and it has enriched my life and opened my awareness to the beloved Source. 

So now, when I feel the inspiration, i record guided Meditations to empower people.  My latest work is directed toward Therapists and Practitioners who  can utilize deep Theta sounds waves to help their clients relax into a transcendental state of consciousness. 

It is a four MP3 Series and offered on another page of this web site. 

I also offer 7 modes of Distant Healing along with offering Soul Sessions helping people to better understand their Self as the Soul, the Atman, so they are more prepared to proceed on their spiritual path. 

Eventually I will be writing a second book regarding all of my activities, philosophies and experiences in Soul Consciousness. 

At present, it is wonderful just to experience each day on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico at Perdido Key, Fl. 

My Soul Song recording is my service to the world, but there is much more to do, to be and to help others find their BLISS. 

What your Soul Song will do for you


Use your Soul Song for: deep Meditation


  • Use your Soul Song for: deep Meditation, 
  • Transformation, 
  • increasing your Frequency, 
  • finding inner knowledge, peace and comfort 
  • Soul Traveling to heightened states of awareness
  • become more Intuitive and discover your own special gifts
  • acknowledging You as totally unique 
  • bringing forth your Infinite qualites
  • And knowing that You are deeply loved and connected to your Divine Source.   
  • Soul Songs are recorded remotely at HOPE Universal Recording Studio so you can be anywhere on the planet and receive your beautiful Soul Song emailed  directly to you to download. 


Artist Christine Lemin wrote:

" Hi Ray, I'm sitting here listening to the most amazing piece of music I've ever heard in my 65 years on this planet. In fact I've been listening all day, since it was down loaded earlier this morning.  I have it on two discs, my phone, my tablet plus a USB stick so I have covered all my bases lol. I'm so excited to be able to play it whilst driving as I do not listen to the radio -too much dark news for my liking. Now I will not be driving, I'll be flying as I soak up the amazing vibes that float in and all around me as I drive. My very own flying sanctuary.  The song is one of the most precious things anyone has done for me and you have been so gracious. Your humility is one of peacefulness, calmness and love and I feel these things when I'm listening to my song. It's now 7pm here and I've had it playing all day whilst I organise my next mini art exhibition which begins December 1st. Thank you sooo much. Can you feel the virtual hugs I am sending you through the air waves? Love and gratitude 


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Questions regarding your Soul Song

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