The Astronomical power of sound!

In the beginning.....

Whether the Universe began as a "Big Bang" or by the infinite power of the OM sound vibration, a gigantic sound wave has manifested the entire creation of all matter and energy. 

The power of Sound in this modern day era has harnessed the energy of sound waves to create precision technology in ultrasound to treat tremors in exact locations in the brain. The success is phenomenal even at this early beginning stage in discovering the power of sound. 

Sound Medicine has finally arrived and has been given a new acceptance and administration in both the medical field, science and in metaphysics.

The following  examples are videos of actual treatments with sound waves that are focused entirely for healing. 

Sound Waves as Effective as Brain Surgery at Treating Tremor

Directing Sound and Intention to cure bladder cancer

Tibetan Singing Bowls Explained - Spiritual Sound Healing

Deep Theta Healing Meditation: In the Temple of OM

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