Your Own Soul Essence Portrait with Shamanic Artist Nataya

Lemurian Elder

Nataya and I are offering a wonderful Package to have both your Soul Song and Soul Portrait!

Nataya from Sedona paints intuitive and sacred Soul Essence Portraits with dynamic Water Colors.

 "I love to let the art and nature speak to me and show me what’s there.  I set an intention for the energy the individual to be revealed more fully through me for the highest and best outcome.  I playfully throw the paint on the canvas until the painting speaks to me and shows me what’s there and then I bring it forward.  I love painting like this. I call it surrendering to a higher power in art.  What shows up is something greater than I could have imagined and it is very healing and insightful.  Hence, the name “Speaking Art”.  


Together we are offering a Soul Portrait and Soul Song Package with a $100 Discount for you.

Choose from Three sizes for your Soul Portrait in the PAYPAL DROP DOWN MENU

16 x 20" gallery wrap canvas $650 + S&H ....... 18 x 24" gallery wrap canvas $875 + S&H

Large 24 x 36" gallery wrap canvas $1100 + S&H

You will receive a separate Pay Pal Invoice  from Nataya to pay for your shipping and handling since each country will have a different rate. For a full description of your Soul Portrait visit


Merman in his past life

Soul Song with 16x20 Soul Portrait: $350 + $650 subtotal $1000 minus $100 Discount: Total $900 + S&H

Soul Song with 18x24 Soul Portrait:$350+$875 subtotal $1225 minus $100 Discount: Total $1125 + S&H

Soul Song with 24x36 Soul Portrait:$350 + $1100 subtotal $1450 minus $100 Discount: Total $1350 +S&H

After you order your Soul Song and Soul Portrait Package you will receive an email invoice for S &H

Shipping and Handling Rates are different for each country

For your Soul Song, Ray will email you both an MP3 file and Music WAV.file and CD upon request

For a complete description of your magnificent Soul Song with comments from our Soul Song Family, click here.

Your Soul Song

Use the Pay Pal Drop Down Menu to choose which Size Soul Portrait to order along with your Soul Song

A CONFIRMATION EMAIL will be sent to you shortly after ordering. 

Order your Soul Song/Portrait: Choose Size in Drop Down Menu

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