Transcending the Matrix of Illusion: with 7 MP3s and 4 PDFs

Empowering Mini-course with Teachings and Guided Meditations/Experientials with Anah Maa and Ray


 Transcending the Matrix of Illusion is our 3 Part Series designed to lift you from the low vibrational density of illusion, Maya and the foreboding frequencies of the matrix that holds most of humanity in captivity, into a higher state of Divine Expression and complete Liberation.

 The goal is to live authentically, joyfully, bountifully from the heart while fulfilling your Greatest Destiny! 

Anah Maa's wisdom and clarity will guide you through each step to transcend the Matrix


Ray's music will keep you in a relaxed state allowing your mind to focus and experience the guiding voice of Anah Maa.

Anah Maa is a Master Teacher, Mentor

Healer, Author, Soul Counselor and Soul Liberator. The knowledge that she brings to you is from her own experience over-coming the Matrix as the title of her book shows as well, "The Light at the End of the Tunnel"

What is included in your package download.


 To help you make the most flowing and grace-filled changes into your Greatest Life, we have included 4 PDFs  filled with tools, knowledge and guidance to move you quickly out of the density of lack or struggle and move you into a more joyful, playful, loving, accepting, allowing co-creating dance with the ever-present, ever-abundant Universe.

Also included are 7 MP3s with powerful healing, uplifting, and energizing frequencies to vibrationally assist you in moving into your Greatest Life with teachings and guidance with Anah Maa and Music by ~Ray~tuned to the sacred geometry harmonic frequency of 432 Hz. 

The Overview and Part One



The Overview

1 PDF:    This Introduction PDF will explain the Matrix of Illusion to you, why you are in it and how there is a solution and road map to get out of it, off the grid of imprisonment that keeps our world captive and restrained onto a new course of reality, action and freedom.

With Part 1, Healing, Forgiveness and Releasing, you will receive:

1 PDF    filled with Instructions and Guidance for Healing by Anah Maa

1 MP3    containing Guidance and Support by Anah Maa with Music by Ray

1 MP3   that takes you into Meditation and Activation with Anah Maa and powerful healing Music by Ray

1 MP3     of just the Music designed to assist you with Healing, Forgiveness, and Releasing


Part 2



With Part 2, Self Empowerment, you will receive:

1 PDF    filled with many tools you can use to create a new life

1 MP3    containing guidance and support with Anah Maa and Music by Ray

1 MP3    that takes you into Meditation and Activation with Anah Maa and powerful healing Music

 by Ray

1 MP3    Pure Activating and Energizing Music by Ray designed to support your Self


Part 3



With Part 3, Liberation and Celebration, you will receive:

1 PDF    with Methods, Tools, and Knowledge by Anah Maa

1 MP3    of Pure Activating and Energizing Music by Ray designed to empower your Liberation and Celebration 

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